For veterinary or other hygiene care, it is important to be able to intervene efficiently without danger for the horse, the person-in-charge or the assistant.

Technibelt’s equine stocks enable to restrain a mare in view of gynaecological tests, or to contain any other horse requiring treatment under safe conditions.

The horse is a fearful but powerful animal that is liable to violent reactions, whether in defence or in flight. A horse should thus never be treated without minimal physical restraint.

Such restraint serves to maintain the horse in a stationary position in view of treatment/care.

Almost all horses, even those not handled daily, feel more comfortable if approached gently, without hasty movements.

If the horse becomes impatient, this often implies that the intervention may be hurting or that restraint is excessive.

Equine stocks specially designed for gynaecological tests enable veterinarians to act in all safety. These equine stocks can also be designed to accommodate foals-at-foot whilst their mothers are being checked.

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4-mare gynaecological stocks, inc. mare-with-foal compartment

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Double-post gynaecological stocks

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Four-post standard gynaecological stocks

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Equine stocks with trap door for consultations

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Foal compartment for gynaecological stocks

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Ø133 mm tethering post

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